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Out W/ Old // In W/ New

hey loves! Its been a while since our last post, but boy have we been busy! You will have to forgive us! I returned home to the USA this past month and began sending out all of the Kickstarter orders. We even got our very own little office space that allows us the opportunity to [...]

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New Family // New Smiles

You may have seen these strong, stunningly beautiful women in a picture or two lately, but allow me to formally introduce you all to our newest Thought Collective family members!This is Mama Ester. She’s basically a badass. Today I asked her what her favorite thing was about Thought Collective and she said she loves laughing [...]

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Women // Warriors

I've been wanting to expand more on our trip to the Maasai village, but it's been hard to articulate the emotions I felt and all of what I experienced.I'm typically a loquacious individual, but upon arrival until we left I couldn't bear to say more than a few words at a time. I was hit [...]

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The Potential // We Possess

Happy Weekend!Audrey and I took a trip to Shanga & Riverhouse in search of extra inspiration. Shanga employs physically handicapped or older persons in Tanzania to make various crafts out of recycled material in the Arusha area. It was a wonderful experience to see someone also in Arusha bettering the lives of people; it was [...]

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