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A letter from our CEO // AUDREY HICKEY // On ethical fashion & collaborations

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We think that there is something incredibly unique about ethical fashion. Not only are we providing fair wages and a place of dignity and empowerment to those abroad, but we are opening up a discussion and collaborating as a whole to change the meaning of fashion, a sometimes empty, brutal and exploitative industry in the United States. We import that vision of empowerment and fairness in the workplace, love and laughter from places like Tanzania, Kenya, and Peru to our teams here at home in our offices in Austin, Texas and to our customers all around the world. 

All of our teams: our founders, our marketing directors, our designers and interns are a family. We believe in the work we are doing and in each other. We take pride in our collective mission. We understand and empower one another and lend a hand (or two) to support each others success. The work we do is challenging; sometimes it can feel as though we have more working against us than for us. Imposing fair wages and fair working conditions abroad can sometimes be tricky: you are competing with local sweatshops and you are competing with local vendors. But amidst this challenge we come together, where we grow and inspire one another, as a team; as a family.

The fashion world is for the most part a chaotic one. But we believe in always finding a place of grace amongst the chaos. We believe in seeing beauty and light in an industry that is often cold and harsh. We love dressing up, we love looking good, just like you. But what we love even more is walking out the door in garments, in shoes, and in jewelry that have touched the hands of people all across the globe that are grateful for and proud of the work they produce. We believe in feeling confident in our style as well as confident in our choice as global citizens. This work is mostly for you: so that you are able to be a part of a movement that matters. It is an opportunity to look good and feel even better.

Thought Collective, Raven + LilyPurse & ClutchCatherine NicoleMitscootsEsperosTeysha and Fortess of Inca: We empower. But our strength and empowerment goes beyond the borders of the countries of our artisans, it extends here: Austin, Texas and all the way into your hands. Join the movement, we promise it is as fun as it sounds. 

// love // 

Audrey Hickey