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New Family // New Smiles


You may have seen these strong, stunningly beautiful women in a picture or two lately, but allow me to formally introduce you all to our newest Thought Collective family members!

This is Mama Ester. She’s basically a badass. Today I asked her what her favorite thing was about Thought Collective and she said she loves laughing at me. No, not with me, but at me. Fantastic! What she doesn’t know is that I make her laugh all day on purpose because her smile is infectious and it brightens my day. Take that, Mama Ester! Jokes on you, lady!


Here she is working on some special edition harem pants for the the oh so wonderful, Serengetee. They will be carried in their “elephant shop” soon. Check it, check it: www.serengetee.com


This is Mama Glory. Mama Glory does NOT mess around, she means business! She is on point with her construction and sews the straightest line you’ve ever seen. She is the most hard working, loyal woman I have ever met. She makes herself and us proud every single day. A really, really solid addition to the family.


Also, today the cutest thing of all time might have happened. Our fav, little Glory, was in the office and we caught her with a little piece of our scrap fabric, a needle and thread. She thinks her mother is a goddess and so do we, so do we. Beautiful.


This is Mama Gifte. She is such a gem. We brought Mama Gifte on to the team for her impeccable knitwear skills. She makes school uniform sweaters for her three children and friends on her own time but will now be paid for her hard work. I asked her what her favorite thing about TC was and she just smiled really big and said, “everything.” So that rocks. She so rocks. Don’t you agree?


Here we are showing off handmade, quality beanies that will be available in the fall. Yeah, we know. They are almost adorable as she is.


The TC beauties. ✌