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Startingblog // New Adventures


I honestly don’t think I have taken the time yet to write about my experiences at StartingBloc because I struggle with finding words that communicate the impact of this experience.

I was impacted by the content presented by the phenomenal speakers that we met: Scott Sherman, Max Kirby, Gayle Karen Young and more, the fantastic activities we engaged in and the non profits we were privileged to work with…but I think what I really took from this experience is that I am enough.


I learned that we don’t have to have a set of extraordinary circumstances in order to do extraordinary things. I learned that we can use our negative experiences to healthily promote our growth as individuals; we can choose to use our failures as fuel rather than as an excuse to be fearful of the future.

I learned that it is you, only you, that has the power to make the changes you want to see in this world. That your vision belongs only to you and that you should work every single day at what you love. I learned to never lose sight of my passion and more importantly not to let anyone else block my vision. I learned that strong, badass change makers don’t have the time to engage with small, negative people that may try to bring them down because as change makers we are too busy building ourselves and those around us up. North is the direction we face, optimism is where we reside.


I learned that I am not alone. That as many bad, small minded people we may encounter, that there are so many more authentic, selfless and truly wonderful people in this world. I learned that it is important to find those people that have your back, that want to support you and are just as enthusiastic about your vision as you are.


I found those people at StartingBloc. I really, really found those people. Those people are incredibly intelligent, caring, genuine, innovative, inspiring, generous and just fucking real ass people. You are who you surround yourself by and if I get to call these people my friends (and future collaborators!), I know I am doing something right myself. This experience was life changing for myself and for Thought Collective. I left StartingBloc confident, courageous and completely inspired to continue fighting each day for what I believe in. That is more than I had hoped for.


Check it out, apply: www.startingbloc.org

I am serious.


Love, A