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Welcome to the family, Shea!

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We are so honored to welcome Shea Weaver Grubbs to the Thought Collective family as the Operations Manager. Shea has worked with World Vision (Austin Women of Vision) as the local projects director working with local survivors of human trafficking, Urban Connection Austin, a non profit working with low-income families new to the United States, and is most passionate about women's empowerment issues and ethical fashion. Shea is the piece to the Thought Collective puzzle that we have been missing and feel more than confident that she is going to do beautiful, wildly unexpected things with her new position with us. Thank you Shea for your time, dedication and commitment to our family-- we are so lucky to have you on board.

A word from Shea: 

I am honored to be a part of this amazing, inclusive vision that has the power to lift women up and the boldness to remain committed to ethical trade and the freedom it can give. My hope as Operations Manager is that we consistently offer stylish pieces that reflect this shared partnership between the artisan and buyer. I'm excited to bring my passion-filled ideas, knack for organization, and love of socially responsible fashion to Thought Collective as together we–as artisans, as buyers, and as a company–strive toward empowering generations that demand with every purchase ethical accountability at all points in the supply chain. Amazing fashion, equitably sourced.