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Where to find us // Where we thrive

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we have two homes. 

we have our hearts in two places. 

come visit us, come laugh with us, come seek beauty with us // 

Here is where we stay // come play 


masaai boy herding donkeys //

audrey's climb to the waterfall below mount meru //

locally grown, fresh veggies // 

arusha national park // 

the masaai village // 

hand roast coffee with families on the slopes of mount kilimanjaro //

the people //

natural hot springs // 


austin city limits music festival // 

warm weather, warm water // 

pink gorilla and other weird things // 

the live music capital of the world // 

local coffee shops and brews // 

the graffiti wall // 

ut pride //

a perfect skyline // 

photo credit: audrey hickey, shelbi macfarlane