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Women // Warriors


I've been wanting to expand more on our trip to the Maasai village, but it's been hard to articulate the emotions I felt and all of what I experienced.

maasai 2

I'm typically a loquacious individual, but upon arrival until we left I couldn't bear to say more than a few words at a time. I was hit with the force of how simultaneously static and dynamic our time on Earth has been. For all of the "progress" we've made, which is, in essence, nothing more than an accumulation of exponentially complex tools, we don't move past the first semblances of what it means to be human: maybe because we need nothing else.

I could connect immediately with the Maasai women, even though my experience growing up had been radically different, because I knew what being a woman meant to them, what it means to me: hardly believable strength, endurance, continually being open to cooperation, providing a sense of sisterhood, pride in their families, caring for those important to them. I felt what it was to be timeless.

maasai 1

It might be overstated at this point, but it is a truly life-changing experience when you realize how close humanity is to one another, how we are all part of one whole. Standing with the woman warriors, I felt that I was truly a warrior in my own right; I fight fiercely to protect what I love, I'll endure any hardship to better the lives of those around me, I remain open and cooperative in the face of adversity. I might not do it perfectly every day, but I believe in my ability to pick myself up when I falter and continue on, for myself and for those around me.

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