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Our Heart & Mind


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We sell handmade, authentic, and artistic apparel from Tanzania. We love, live, and learn with our artisans who are dedicated to making the perfect apparel with patience and passion.

Love is our religion and fair trade is our fashion statement. We are believers, dreamers, and innovators. Our workplace is full of dignity, creativity and so much laughter. We are strong women that believe in equality and fairness in the workplace and beyond. All of your purchases support artisans that were once out of work—you are helping to rebuild the lives of these women. Thought Collective by paying a living wage, allows women to comfortably take care of themselves and their families independently. All garments are handmade with a whole lot of love with ethically sourced cotton from either Tanzania, Kenya, Ghana or the USA. 

Our purpose is not profit, its people. Join the Thought Collective movement.

unique in design // consistent in quality // powerful in purpose

W E L C O M E   T O   T H E   F A M